A course for strength and quality (8 weeks): Trenbolone Acetate + Stanozolol + Testosterone

A course for strength and quality (8 weeks): Trenbolone Acetate + Stanozolol + Testosterone
The article is devoted to the favourite course of Andreas Munzer, a short course for constructing aid. Suitable for those that are fond of iron and need to get a very good aid by summer time.


A bunch of Trenbolone Acetate, Stanozolol and Testosterone is probably the most appropriate course for those that have issues with the musculoskeletal system, however really need to attempt Stanozolol and dry in the shortest attainable time. Of course, this is among the strongest and quick courses, which makes it potential to organize for performances. This course is the quickest and easiest to dry out and hold a weight loss plan. Modifications in the mirror might be noticeable each week.

When you’ve got not yet determined which course to make for drying or will not be positive concerning the effectiveness of the advisable programs, this course will do every little thing that none of the programs will do. No course can do what Trenbolone and Stanozolol along with Testosterone can

The listing of medicine for the complete course and its help:
Testosterone Propionate
Trenbolone Acetate
Stanozolol tablet (or Winstrol)
A course on brief airs and because of this it is sufficient to put Propionate every other day, while Trenbolone Acetate can be best to put 75-100 mg or more each day. Above put those that have already put 100 mg and multiple course

Essential suggestion
You may also think about the option during which Trenbolone shall be positioned every other day – this feature is nicely suited for those that try this bundle for the primary time, and whose weight didn’t exceed 100 kg – this course can be weaker by 40-50% of the preliminary one.

The second choice is the alternative of Stanozolol on Winstrol, Winstrol could be 2 options: water-based and oil-based. If Winstrol is water-based, then it can’t be put in the identical muscle with Testosterone and Trenbol, and if Winstrol is oily-based, then it may be combined with testosterone and trenbol.

For those guys who do not wish to eat drugs on an alarm clock and who decided that Winstrol can be put each day, it’s higher to stop the selection with an aqueous answer, if after a day, the only option shall be Winstrol in oil, which can mix all 3 medicine in 1 syringe and do only one injection.

What to anticipate?
Your expectations shall be totally different with reality. This course will shock and change you. Trenbolone is understood for imparting drive and aggression, while at the similar time growing power. And the Acetate model has a more pronounced impact, it’s included in the work already in the first week, and a month later the complete work of Ether begins.

Stanozolol is understood for its means to take away fluid from the physique, dry it and make muscle mass more dense. Some are given a very good pamp and stamina, which is value contemplating when utilizing Trenbolone, which crushes cardiovascular opportunities. The disadvantage of Stanozolol is its potential to dry even the joints and other connective tissues, to make them much less elastic, and then Trenbolone, which is understood for its Trenbolone Estradiol, involves the rescue. Metabolites underneath the guise of Estradiol help to avoid problems with the musculoskeletal system and get rid of ache and attainable injuries which are not often prevented from using Stanozolol in solo.

Advantages and features:
Each medicine do not accumulate fluid within the physique, making the muscle mass extra dense and help to dry with no injury to muscle fibers. Yes, this course shouldn’t be on weight, however one can’t do with out muscle progress. Of course, one shouldn’t anticipate the same improve as from using Nadrolon and Oxymetalon. The primary benefit of this ligament: the power to dry in a short time without lack of strength and muscle mass.

Subsequently, a bunch Stanozolol + Trenbolone is a perfect course for quality, whereas avoiding pain and injuries. Trenbolone will deprive you of pain in those places that bothered you earlier.

The order of use of medicine:
This bundle is optimally used for eight weeks. However you’ll be able to pull out longer in case you have sufficient endurance. It must be borne in thoughts that Trenbolone should be put each day, and Testosterone in a day and only when each medicine will must be put on at some point, then Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate might be attainable and essential to place in the same syringe for simplification.

Tablets Stanozolol also must be consumed as much as eight weeks or extra, if the indications of bee enzymes are rainbow-colored, then there isn’t a have to cancel Stanozolol. As for Winstrol, the oil is combined, the suspension just isn’t.

Dosages in milligrams per 1 kg of weight per week:

Testosterone: 6-9 mg per 1 kg of body weight per week;
Trenbolone Acetate: 4-7 mg per 1 kg of physique weight per week;
Stanozolol tablets / Winstrol: 0.30-0.50 mg per 1 kg of physique weight per day.
Instance for learners:

Testosterone Propionate: 100 mg. h / day;
Trenbolone Acetate: 50-75 mg / day;
Stanozolol: 3 tabl / day.
Course Administration:
As regards taking Cabergoline and Anastrozole

1. Cabergoline is taken for Prolactin analysis. Monitoring should start from 20-25 days of the course. and then on a month-to-month basis, it must be stated that Prolactin levels might fluctuate, subsequently, management is needed for them.
2. Anastrozole have to be taken from memory from the last dose when utilizing Testosterone Propionate in the same dosage and on the similar producer, preferably. When utilizing Trenbolone, the analysis on Estradiol by analyasm might be high and not pacified if targeted on the results of analyzes. Such a threshold peak of Estradiol may be traced as a result of Metboliths of Trenbolone are comparable in structure to Estradiol and the laboratory will give misguided values. So, there isn’t a have to take an evaluation on Estradiol.
3. L-Thyroxine must be taken solely to help the Thyroid gland, since Trenbolone will inhibit the production of Thyroid gland hormones, the dosage of L-Thyroxine: 25-50 mcg / day. You could be guided by the results of analyzes on TSH, T3 complete and T4 free. Examine thyroid hormones after Three weeks of the course. If T3 and T4 are lower than the previous values ​​(before the course), and TSH is greater, take L-thyroxine. Attempt to modify the intake of thyroid hormone in such a means that in accordance with the analysis it was just like the natural values ​​of all the hormones on the thyroid gland.
Gonadotropin – it’s advisable to make use of from the 4th week of the course or from the very beginning, since Trenbolone strongly suppresses the production of LH and FSH. HCG must be used in an ordinary dosage of 1500 IU per week, in accordance with the usual scheme.
* Take thyroid hormones strictly on an empty abdomen, 20-30 minutes earlier than meals. A month after the cancellation of the course – connect Yodomarin, 200 mcg and Selenium 100 mcg / day

Analyzes What and when to move.
pharmacology analyzes

Thyroid – Monitor Thyroid hormones on the course and off course each month. When recovering from the course, as quickly as the results on the thyroid gland return to their previous values, cancel Yodomarin and help further with food.

OAK – Every month, verify OAK (full blood rely), it’s no secret that Hemoglobin, Platelets and Purple Blood Cells can develop on the course, which undermines the expansion of Hematocrit. In different words, on such a course, the blood shall be viscous in case you are illiterate within the vitamin and administration of the course.

Prolactin – Take Prolactin for analysis as soon as a month and for a specific merchandise.

Estradiol – This evaluation ought to be taken only on FCT and 2 months after pt.

Liver – Examine every month Complete Bilirubin. And every second month, take the evaluation additionally on Alt, Ast. * If the checks for these enzymes can be several occasions greater, stop taking Stanozolol. Hepatoprotectors can’t be taken on the course. Acceptance of Choleretic medicine is allowed and solely with excessive Bilirubin.

LH, FSH, Testosterone Complete, Estradiol and Prolactin are already taken on PKT and 2 months after PKT.

Take the checks before the course: UAC, Serum Iron, AlT, AST, Complete Bilirubin, Prolactin, Estradiol, Lg, Fsg, Testosterone Complete and show these analyzes to a course administration specialist.

Get rid of from the food plan, quick carbohydrates, yeast merchandise, eat less food products decreasing HDL. Use carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Try to separate the proteins and carbohydrates from each other. Use more greens in every food regimen. Eat Four-6 tablespoons of flaxseed oil every day.

We seem like we eat. Don’t forget about this easy rule.
Sports vitamin and more:
Use Omega 3. As an alternative of a snack and when there isn’t a food at hand – use sports activities vitamin.

Attempt to use amino acid complexes in capsule type and take Protein. Additionally, from Protein, you can also make a gainer on sluggish carbohydrates. Don’t buy ready gainers, as they don’t seem to be appropriate for those that are on the course, aside from Universal Nutr gainer. – Real Positive factors.

Not really helpful:
Creatine and Predtreniki!
The exclusion of any form of arginine and mesomorph
Chilly on the course:
When you’ve got a cold – do not drop the course! Attempt to get well shortly and not run the issue. Drink tea with ginger, take vitamins, deal with to the maximum with people cures and use antibiotics to the minimal.

PCT (Publish Course Remedy):
Clomid or Fareston is suitable for PCT. Tamoxifen is strictly prohibited, because it enhances progestin reactions.
PKT must be started 10 days after the last injection of Trenbolone and Propionate.
Comply with the expansion of Prolactin and Estradiol on PKT, in addition to on the Course.
When repeated analyzes on LH and FSH, the level of those hormones must be larger than 2-Three occasions, after 3 weeks from the start of PKT.
Clomid dosages:
Three days at 150 mg; 5 days at 100 mg; 15 days at 50 mg and 10 days at 25 mg.

If in case you have a seal on the course or after: take Fareston at a dosage of 60 mg till it disappears. Fareston is the one drug that doesn’t spoil the course. Subsequently, it can be used on the course itself, if there are causes for this. Fareston is the only drug that may cease and clear up the compaction drawback, since Tamoxifen can’t be used.

Two months after the termination of PKT, retake LH, FSH, Estradiol, Testosterone Complete and Prolactin. All values ​​must be nearer to the pre-course values.