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JFK’s Assassination Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory, It Was a Sophisticated Plot : Conscious Life News

JFK’s Assassination Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory, It Was a Sophisticated Plot : Conscious Life News

As we speak (November 22, 2018) marks the 55th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

By Aaron Kesel | Activist Publish

Right here Are The Parts MSM Misses That Proves It

In 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump introduced that he can be holding again on disclosure of paperwork pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy underneath the pretense of “National Security,” delaying the discharge of over 3oo information whereas releasing 2,800, Dallas News reported.

What might be the reasoning behind holding again over a complete of 300 information from being launched to most of the people to lastly inform the reality about who assassinated John F. Kennedy and, extra importantly, who paid to have it achieved?

If you wish to see the launched 2,800 information and obtain them and look your self you are able to do so by clicking right here. If you need extra items of the puzzle to who killed JFK, maintain studying. This will probably be a wild experience.

To start out, the reality was by no means going to return out as a result of a whole quantity on Lee-Harvey Oswald went lacking weeks in the past proper earlier than the CIA was mandated to launch the information, as TFTP reported.


It’s fairly clear by now that there was rather more than a single gunman from evaluation of the gunshots from the Dallas Police Audio Tape alone, (SYNCED TO JFK’s MURDER BELOW). However even with out that audio launched in 2013, specialists have stated that it’s almost unimaginable to purpose a bolt motion sniper rifle, shoot, after which cock it again and shoot once more concurrently one after one other and nonetheless be correct, not to mention hearth three or 4 consecutive photographs and nonetheless hit your goal, The Telegraph reported.

Including in a number of shooters to the narrative utterly explains the magic bullet that hit Kennedy and John Connally (driver) someway within the hip, Historical past.com reported. Why? As a result of it wasn’t a magic bullet, it was a number of bullets.

The truth is, E. Howard Hunt, a CIA agent who was convicted of being the lead Watergate burglar and was a most important element in serving to the subterfuge of Guatemala and the eventual demise of Che Guevara, said in his deathbed confession that he was a a part of a hit squad that killed JFK. So a man recognized to do the CIA’s soiled deeds on the time confesses to killing a president of the USA, but that’s ignored and referred to as “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream press. Oh and a enjoyable reality: the CIA are those who first got here up with the phrase “conspiracy theorist” to discredit those that didn’t consider the Warren Fee report by controlling the narrative in response to an inner memo.

The CIA within the final batch of JFK information over the summer time revealed that E. Howard Hunt was fingered as being accountable for JFK’s demise in a 1978 “tabloid piece.”

In August, 1978, Victor Marchetti revealed an article concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy within the Liberty Foyer newspaper, Highlight. Within the article, Marchetti argued that the Home Particular Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) had obtained a 1966 CIA memo that exposed E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming had been concerned within the plot to kill Kennedy. Marchetti’s article additionally included a story that Marita Lorenz had offered info on this plot. Later that month, Joseph Trento and Jacquie Powers wrote comparable tales for the Sunday News Journal.

The paper was then sued for libel by Hunt however he misplaced the case. Subsequently on Feb. 6, 1985, a jury in Miami concluded that the CIA was concerned within the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Highlight reported.

Hunt later got here clear and claimed on his deathbed that the plot to kill JFK was codenamed “The Big Event.”

Talking in a Historical past Channel documentary years in the past, former CIA Samuel Halpern, claimed that the menace towards JFK’s life stemmed from Kennedy’s frustration with the CIA, which he believed was turning into a “state within a state.” Halpern was concerned within the investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The documentary additionally discusses Operation Northwoods, a proposed false flag operation towards Fidel Castro, deliberate by the U.S. joint chiefs of employees and CIA.

In response to ABC News, “the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.” All to control the American individuals into supporting a warfare towards Cuba.

Who killed JFK?

Kennedy additionally criticized the CIA’s unique Bay Of Pigs (Operation Pluto/Zapata) and finally prompted it to fail due to his choice to chop the operation’s army pressure down for the mission.

The CIA‘s “Bay of Pigs” plan to overthrow Cuba’s communist authorities had been within the works earlier than John F. Kennedy moved into the White Home. After weeks of dialogue together with his nationwide safety advisors, President Dwight D. Eisenhower accepted the CIA’s plan to oust Castro. The operation advised opening a radio station on Swan Island within the Caribbean to broadcast anti-Castro programming to Cuba, supplying anti-Castro resistance teams inside Cuba and coaching a paramilitary pressure for the eventual infiltration of the nation. Eisenhower signed the deal stating that he knew of “no better plan” to oust the Cuban Communists and get rid of Castro.

Whereas he was nonetheless operating for the presidency, Kennedy discovered concerning the plan on July 23, 1960, when CIA Director Allen Dulles visited Kennedy at his household’s residence at Hyannis Port on Cape Cod to temporary the then-candidate concerning the anti-Castro operation. However a few weeks later the plan modified. The CIA deserted the thought of infiltrating the island in favor of an invasion, full with air help, to drive Castro from energy. Eisenhower permitted a finances of $13 million for the operation however stipulated that no U.S. army personnel could possibly be a part of the fight drive.

Someway, the plan leaked to the press and on January 10, 1961, the New York Occasions ran a front-page story underneath the headline, “U.S. HELPS TRAIN AN ANTI-CASTRO FORCE AT SECRET GUATEMALAN BASE.”

On March 11, 1961, Kennedy invited CIA Director Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell, the CIA’s chief of operations to the White Home. JFK needed to know, intimately, the plans for the invasion of Cuba. Dulles and Bissell defined that after U.S. plane had run a bombing mission over the Bay of Pigs space, Cubans recruited from exile dwelling in Miami would take the seashore by storm. The CIA anticipated that the invasion would encourage anti-Castro Cubans to stand up and overthrow the dictator.

Kennedy didn’t like the thought of starting the assault with air strikes. “Too spectacular,” he stated. “It sounds like D-Day. You have to reduce the noise level of this thing.”

Most of the roughly 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles believed that they have been the primary wave of Cuban freedom fighters who would liberate their homeland from Castro. They have been satisfied that as they stormed ashore, they might be supported overhead by the U.S. Air Pressure, and as they superior into Cuba the U.S. Marines can be proper behind them. The exiles have been absurdly mistaken; they held the seashore for 3 days after which ran out of ammunition, and over 1,000 of the resistance troops generally known as Brigade 2506 have been captured.

On April 14, 1961, simply three days earlier than the invasion, Kennedy referred to as Bissell to ask what number of planes he would use within the operation. Bissell informed the president that the CIA deliberate to make use of all sixteen of their B-26s. “Well, I don’t want it on that scale,” Kennedy replied. “I want it minimal.” Kennedy minimize the planes used right down to eight and the operation finally failed.

CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell was fired by Kennedy. Cabell’s brother was the Mayor of Dallas, Texas on the time of his assassination (extra on that later.)

CIA director Allen Dulles was additionally fired and changed by John A. McCone after the second try was proposed to overthrow the Cuban authorities beneath Operation Northwoods.

As David Talbot wrote in his e-book The Satan’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Authorities and The Every day Beast reported, did CIA Director Allen Dulles order a hit on JFK?

The subsequent reality surrounding JFK’s assassination is that George H.W. Bush Sr. was current through the day of JFK’s assassination, however he vehemently denies that he was there regardless of photographic proof that appears precisely like him. There’s additionally an FBI memo and one other doc that mentions an agent, George W. Bush, receiving intel on anti-Castro Cubans however Bush denies once more that the individual talked about within the report was him. Whereas one other image exhibits a younger Bush as a safety element for John F. Kennedy outdoors the funeral of Philip Graham, a reporter on the time. Then yet one more doc, an FBI memo, fails to account for the place Bush Senior truly was that day.

George Bush Sr.’s oil firm was referred to as Zapata Offshore Co. Dulles, Bush and the mayor of Dallas Earle Cabell all knew one another. Zapata sound acquainted? It was the unique identify for the Bay Of Pigs operation. Was Bush concerned within the Bay Of Pigs invasion? Why was his firm identify used because the mission identify is it simply a coincidence? We’ll by no means know as a result of the paperwork have been destroyed.

In 1981, all Securities and Change Fee filings for Zapata Off-Shore between 1960 and 1966 have been destroyed. In different phrases, the yr Bush turned vice chairman, necessary data detailing his years at his drilling firm disappeared. In 1969, Zapata purchased the United Fruit Firm of Boston, one other firm with robust CIA connections. Bush later turned CIA director in 1976.

One other man, Clay Shaw, was concerned with the intelligence group. Shaw was in control of the Worldwide Commerce Mart. It wasn’t recognized then, however this was one other CIA entrance, together with the United Fruit Firm. The Shaw trial, which was sabotaged from the beginning, didn’t have sufficient proof to seek out Clay Shaw responsible of conspiracy costs. He was launched on March 1, 1969 and died of lung most cancers in 1974. The Oliver Stone movie JFKdoes an unimaginable job summarizing the trial of Shaw.

Bush was CIA, Dulles as soon as led the CIA earlier than being fired by Kennedy, and Cabell was a CIA asset within the 1950s, whereas his brother, Charles Cabell was a high-ranking CIA official till 1962 when Kennedy fired him as properly.

Dulles additionally headed the Warren Fee investigation into Kennedy’s assassination. Regardless of being fired by Kennedy, Dulles was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

JFK’s son John F. Kennedy, Jr based a journal oddly titled George which many speculate is insinuating for individuals to look nearer at his father’s dying and that Kennedy Jr. was making an attempt to inform the world that George H.W. Bush was concerned within the homicide.

Bush even laughed on the assassination of JFK at President Gerald Ford’s funeral. What’s so humorous George?

Former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt names in his confession. Hunt stated that CIA operatives Twine Meyer (whose spouse was apparently having an affair with JFK), David Morales and William Harvey a CIA agent have been concerned as gunmen. Hunt additionally stated then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and William Harvey employed Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker and French Corsican gunmen.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald CIA?

Now again to Oswald. Was he simply a patsy, or was he a a part of this hit squad? There’s a mysterious tried name that has been ignored by the mainstream media. “The Raleigh Call” occurred simply hours earlier than his dying. Lee Harvey Oswald tried to name John Harm, a former army counterintelligence agent in Raleigh, North Carolina, from the Dallas jail on the night of Nov. 23, 1963. “For years, this significant information was ignored by assassination investigators and concealed from the public,” Dr. Grover Proctor stated.

Oswald himself had vital army ties and intelligence serving within the Marines — the place his nickname was “Osvaldovich.” He even allegedly had a CIA 201 worker file.

“We don’t know what happened, but we do know Oswald had intelligence connections. Everywhere you look with him, there are the fingerprints of intelligence,” Senator Richard Schweiker stated.

Additional, a doc titled the “Central Intelligence Report On The Assassination Of John Kennedy” allegedly despatched from then-CIA director McCone to then-Chief U.S. Secret Service James Rowley mentions Oswald’s ties to the Workplace Of Naval Intelligence. Though there are some who’re calling the doc a forgery, prior info proves Oswald’s connection to intelligence providers. There’s additionally one other very comparable (however very actual) memorandum which shares some hallmarks with the “McCone-Rowley” memo titled “Warren Commission Exhibit 1026; Secret Service memorandum, dated March 19, 1964, re “Secret Service Report on the Assassination of President.”

One other enjoyable reality about Oswald was that somebody might have planted a counterfeit ID card in his pockets.

A former FBI Agent, Don Adams, even says that “thousands of national archives prove that John F. Kennedy wasn’t assassinated by Oswald,” including that the “the Warren Commission was a fraud.” He additionally provides one other suspects identify who he stated beforehand threatened to kill Kennedy; that man was Joseph Adams Milteer. Lastly, the nail within the coffin that this was a refined conspired plot, not simply a lone wolf, was a Miami intelligence audio recording from November ninth, 1963. The recording exhibits Milteer speaking to an informant the place he relays there’s a “threat to kill President Kennedy” by a group of males mere weeks earlier than the capturing occurred.

One other principle behind JFK’s assassination is that it was a Cuban authorities hit job as payback for the failed Bay Of Pigs invasion a few years prior; however believing that principle would require ignoring all different factual proof, testimony, and paperwork offered on this article.

Regardless of the fact could also be behind the killing of probably the best president the U.S. has ever had, Trump has delayed it although the CIA was mandated to reveal the redacted pages behind JFK’s dying. Whether or not Oswald was a patsy or compliant within the assassination will even by no means be recognized, however as this text illustrates what’s now recognized is that this was a refined plot of a number of people, not simply Oswald, which aligns with the story of CIA Agent E. Howard Hunt, that there was a hit squad there that fateful day that murdered President John F. Kennedy in chilly blood.

Right here’s a track to show a variety of anomalies that don’t make sense in JFK’s killing together with deaths of witnesses, which ought to hassle everybody because the mysterious deaths of witnesses together with Dorothy Kilgallen must be carried out by a highly effective drive that in itself proves the cover-up is far more messy than the crime.

For my part based mostly on every thing above, JFK’s demise is a clear intelligence company hitjob; it’s completely unimaginable it was simply Oswald who murdered Kennedy 55 years in the past in Dallas. The idea of a lone gunman killing JFK is about as believable because the CIA’s personal director William Colby drowning himself in his personal lake canoeing at night time, one thing that his good friend Senator John DeCamp stated was out of character for the person who, like JFK, challenged the company. In case you are additional within the fact behind JFK’s demise comply with the JFK2017 web site right here.


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