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Muscle Memory: An Interview with American Football

American Football drummer Steve Lamos took a break from grading papers to speak to us about emo trumpet, American Football’s future, and getting your youngsters to follow their instruments.

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American Football LP3

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Just two years after releasing their long-awaited sophomore album, American Football returned in March with their third self-titled document (out now by way of Polyvinyl Data). Contemplating there was a 15 yr gap between the previous two data, this was an enormous aid for followers.

Whereas LP3 undeniably seems like American Football, it’s a step in a unique path for the band. It matches neatly in line with the present crop of emo acts who’re veering toward greater and larger audiences. As famous in Atwood Journal‘s LP3 album evaluate, “The godfathers of recent emo deliver an album nearly as good as their second with a lot of visitors that do convey extra to the desk… American Football are just a pretty rattling good indie rock band.“

Atwood Journal spoke with drummer Steve Lamos, who also works as a university professor, about the way forward for American Football, emo trumpet, and keeping up with new music.

We’re making an attempt to make music that makes us joyful, mixing in kinda previous stuff and new stuff.


Congratulations on the new album. It’s actually great. There was (obviously) quite a bit much less turnaround time on this report than the last. Can we anticipate American Football to be a traditional band that places out a new report each 2 to 3 years and excursions somewhat repeatedly?

Lamos: I definitely hope so. I don’t know. We’re taking it document by document, however we’ve come to phrases with the truth that this isn’t a reunion factor anymore, and we need to hold doing it, as long as we’re in a position and as long as there’s curiosity. We’ll do our best, I feel.

Lamos: Thank you.

Had you stored up with what younger bands have been doing when you have been away?

Lamos: Me personally, no. I used to be hanging out with the blokes over the weekend, and I was blown away by how much modern hip hop and rap Mike listens to. He’s actually dialed into real present music, in a approach that I’m not necessarily. Perhaps that answer depends upon totally different guys within the band. I like new stuff on occasion, but I also like what I like. Any person like Mike is fairly plugged in. Nate is pretty plugged in.

We’re making an attempt to make music that makes us joyful, mixing in kinda previous stuff and new stuff.

Do your college students ever flip you on to new music?

Lamos: I’ve had some cool and fascinating students ship me stuff. I had a guy who listened to metallic quite a few years in the past who sent me some fascinating things. I’m friendly with some college students now who send stuff my means. I wish I knew extra about modern music, but what’s fascinating to me to return back to me to return again to it at this age is a part of the music world is the social scene and the ways in which individuals of a sure age and get collectively and do stuff around music. That’s not my world anymore in the same approach. We’ve obtained a family at residence, and we’re not out operating around the best way I might’ve in my mid-twenties. That dimension of music I really feel like I’m lacking out on, but there’s also the music itself and what turns into fascinating and price listening to over time or even timeless. That half I nonetheless really feel aware about. I’m so comfortable when college students give me cool stuff that looks like “Oh wow, I can’t believe I missed this;” as opposed to stuff that’s like “Oh, I get why people are into this, but it’s outside of my world.”

Completely. Leaping off of that: Since you’re a writing professor, do you ever contribute to lyrics? Or is that each one Mike?

Lamos: That’s very a lot Mike. That’s not likely my world. Mike is curious about poetics, and I feel he works with Jason [our producer], they usually have a robust relationship. I feel a author needs the editor that she or he is doing the work that they want executed. They’ve that relationship, and that’s not essentially my place.

Once we write music, all of us write it collectively. All of us contribute each bringing concepts in and serving to individuals edit down concepts. I don’t have a lyrical position in the band, but we all contributed lots to the musical aspect of things, and that’s what makes it cool. All these years later, I feel everyone has things that their bringing to the desk. Nate’s bringing all types of latest things to the table, and that’s what nonetheless makes it fun for that purpose and that purpose alone typically.

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American Football © Atiba Jefferson

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American Football © Atiba Jefferson

You additionally play trumpet on a couple of songs (on the new report and up to now). Once you hear one thing do you assume “Oh a trumpet would work here,” or does someone else say it? How do you identify the place it goes?

Lamos: I’ve been enjoying trumpet since I used to be just a little child, seven or eight years previous. Once I first started coming around this music within the mid-90’s, it was a bit bit of a gimmick. Individuals would let me play on their data. “Hey! I’ll write a trumpet part for ya, if ya want.” All types of bands would let me go in the studio and honk something out, and that was my strategy to take part, because not many individuals play trumpet. I do hear certain melodies on the trumpet, as a perform of getting performed it for therefore long, and I feel that’s a part of what American Football is, and other people appear to appreciate it when it comes out reside. They often yell or applaud. I’ve come to terms with it.

I have a love-hate relationship with that instrument, because I’m not terribly good at it. I have come to understand, whatever the limitations I have on that thing are, with the ability to convey it out occasionally so as to add to part of what we’re doing. There’s a pair songs on this document that do have trumpet, and I feel one I heard earlier than I even heard the lyrics was “Uncomfortably Numb.” There’s trumpets within the background of that music, and that’s a melody that I used to be hearing, and I feel Mike responded to that melody in a cool means when he wrote his lyrics and did his vocal line. The opposite one, “Doom in Full Bloom” is extra like “Oh! This sounds like an American Football song! This sounds like an American Football trumpet part!” That one felt a bit of bit more simple, however I’m pleased to do it a couple of occasions per document, and I feel that’s in all probability the fitting ratio.

At first it just turned a distinguishing factor for you guys, but now it looks like every trendy indie rock/emo outfit has at the least a couple of songs that they put a trumpet on.

Lamos: Is that true? Anyone sent me a meme t-shirt about emo trumpet, as a joke, and I assumed that was only a playful dig at me. Is it truly true that folks do this?

[Author’s Note: While I’m unsure which meme Lamos was speaking of, I like this one the best]

There’s so much. Foxing had a bunch.

Lamos: I’ve seen Foxing do it. Foxing does it like Tim Kinsella used to play the French horn. Kind of like this bombastic crazy noise. Are there different bands who do it lyrically?

I feel it’s a bit of bit of a touch for aptitude. The World is a Lovely Place (& I Am No Longer Afraid to Die) incorporate loads of horns into their sound. I used to assume string instruments have been the emo thrives that we would have liked, but now it’s turn out to be the trumpet and brass devices basically.

Lamos: That’s humorous. I didn’t know that. That’s hilarious to me. Y’know, a bunch of us came up in concert band. If there are different younger individuals anything like me, I discovered how one can play an instrument in the band or orchestra context, put it away, stated “I hate this. I’m not doing this anymore,” and I picked up the drums as an alternative. I think about there’s an entire world of indie people who have been educated not directly, form, or type on these devices as part of their lives and then taught themselves some instrument that’s noisier. [Laughs] I’m wondering if all these trumpet gamers came up within the concert band and thought, “Oh, it’d be funny to squonk on this thing in the middle of the song.” It’d be fascinating to get everyone in a room and ask them why they’re doing it.

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American Football © Atiba Jefferson

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American Football © Atiba Jefferson

That might be fascinating. I play somewhat guitar, and shortly after I started, I might hound my mother and father with, “Why didn’t you force me to play something when I was younger?” as a result of I began seeing other artists doing the same thing with more fascinating devices.

Lamos: I’m gonna make you tell my seven-year-old that. I make my seven-year-old follow daily on the violin, and we’ve received a five-year-old who’s about to start out too. At that age, they hate it, and it’s exhausting to persuade them. “When you stretch it forward ten years, you’ll appreciate it,” however a seven-year-old’s mind can’t grasp that.

My mom all the time says, “I wanted to get you piano lessons, but you said no.”

Lamos: As a mum or dad, I completely get it. You’re preventing the battle day-after-day to get the kid to put their pants on or whatever. You don’t want the extra battle. I’m glad to listen to you saying that, as a result of these are part of what makes life value dwelling.

They’ll in all probability recognize it by center high school or school, once they’re slightly bit older. Jumping back into the document, how did the guest features come about on this album?

Lamos: Elizabeth [Powell] from Land of Speak, we met once we did some exhibits with them. She was simply fantastic and actually a unbelievable singer. I feel she may’ve been the first individual we thought of. Mike had some lyrics in French. I feel he had these from the get-go and thought she’d be superior. Mike has a stature, the place I feel he can ask individuals issues, they usually’ll do it, as a result of they respect him. He’s been around for a long time. Hayley [Williams of Paramore] had talked about liking the second document, and I feel he was capable of strategy her by way of her management and say, “Hey would you be interested in trying this out?” Rachel [Goswell] was a complete shot at midnight. We have been all Slowdive fans, and we had working titles for all these songs, and there was a special one which was named “Slowdive.” It was type of a Slowdive-y track, however I feel we principally simply stated, ” What the hell? I’m wondering if Rachel would do it if we simply asked her,” and positive sufficient, she did.

We had a imaginative and prescient for female voices to go with his masculine tone. These have been simply ladies that we have been all serious about speaking to, and positive enough, all of them did it!

“Silhouettes” is such an excellent and powerful opener. Can you inform me concerning the writing and recording process?

Lamos: I’m so glad to hear you say that. I hated it as a document opener. I used to be adamantly opposed to it, and I’m so glad they ignored me. I used to be like, “You can’t start a record with a seven and half minute song with two minutes of glockenspiel at the beginning.” I’m so glad they stated, “You know what, Lamos? Shut up, you don’t know anything.” I’m so glad to hear you say that.

Every music comes from a unique genesis. I feel this was a Mike one. The primary guitar half was his very first thing, and I need to say he and Nate crafted some stuff. I had a punk version of a drum beat that came around in a different way. Once we went into the studio, we knew have been going to do one thing initially, however I feel Nate actually came up with the glock stuff within the studio or after I left. We went to Omaha for every week. I did my stuff. I went house, they usually hung round in Chicago after that a bunch.

I consider the “muscle memory” lyric was something Mike was singing to us pretty early. Typically, Mike brings in a lyric or, even a full set of lyrics, and different occasions, he doesn’t really have much, once we’re sitting down instrumentally. I keep in mind that line pretty distinctly, fairly early on. It’s one which sticks in my head. He had at the least that.

All the muscle memory
It should take to stay close to me

It’s a type of as we have been recording, I used to be like, “This is cool,” and then once I heard the final recording, I used to be like, “Wow, this is cool.” It’s just a little totally different vibe to it. There’s a variety of American Football there, nevertheless it sounds slightly bit extra distant and chilly and daring.

American Football Showcase A Musical Evolution with Fascinating “Silhouettes”


I really feel like as an entire, this document stands out amongst the opposite two. It sounds like you guys took slightly bit of a special path here, and it’s very cool.

Lamos: Thanks! I feel there’s a sense with each launch that this could possibly be it. We don’t know. We’re older. We’ve acquired families. We’re arising on the fifth yr anniversary of our doing this once more. I feel it’ll be at the end of the month, as a result of my daughter was born the day after we rehearsed the primary time, and I virtually missed her being born. Fortunately, I didn’t. I don’t understand how this has happened in five years. Our schedules have continued to line up, and household circumstances have allowed us to proceed to do it. All that stated, I determine each time we do anything, we should always simply do it how we would like, as a result of if that is it, a minimum of we need to exit on that notice. I hope it’s not. I hope we proceed to do it for a very long time. There was a deliberate transfer to say we’re going to do that document how we need to do it. I feel we’re all pretty pleased with it. Mike and Nate particularly, they only worked their butts off on this thing, they usually did superior. Jason too. They polished it precisely how they needed, and it turned out good.

That looks like a reasonably good place to wrap up. Do you have got anything you’d like to inform our readers?

Lamos: No, different than-I discover myself saying this all the time-I’m actually grateful for this. This is not a thing that ought to be occurring to me or any of us actually. It’s an fascinating flip in the universe. We’re tremendous grateful for it. The fact that individuals proceed to be serious about it, and that folks seem to be appreciative that these previous males of their forties try to do one thing and never stagnate twenty years in the past, it’s a cool thing.

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American Football LP3

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