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Why Do My Feet Hurt?


In case you have been operating for any size of time, you will have in all probability skilled some type of foot pain.  It’s common in each new and skilled runners. A few of these are easy issues that may be fastened quite easily. Others, nevertheless, require far more time and power to cope with.

It is very important be mindful, although, that we aren’t docs and while we will clarify to you the descriptions, widespread causes, and certain cures for each drawback, this text can under no circumstances diagnose you. Moreover, in case you are experiencing enough ache in your foot that it has affected your operating and induced you to lookup this article, we advocate you see a podiatrist to deal with your specific damage.

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First Ideas


In case you are considering “Wait, that’s not a foot problem,” You’d be absolutely proper. Nevertheless, for any activity, you need to be sure to have the right gear.  Many foot problems together with a number of other accidents might have little or no to do with you, however are principally brought on by improper gear.

In case you are having foot pains, or any ache by any means, one of many first things you want to take a look at are your footwear. How long have you ever had them? Are they worn out? Are the damaged in but? Are they the best footwear to compliment your needs? With that, you must tackle another critical of questions. Do you’ve the fitting shoe in your foot strike and type? Are they designed for the surfaces you’re operating? Do they’ve enough cushioning for what your body wants?

This will look like plenty of questions, however every must be answered with correct thought each day, especially in case you are having foot accidents.

There is a cause that there are tons of of running shoes available on the market, dozens from each model. Every shoe is designed for a selected function so be sure to are selecting the right shoe for you and switching it out recurrently when the cushioning begins to break down.

In the event you do this stuff persistently, you might avoid most foot problems earlier than they even begin.

Widespread Injuries

Plantar Fasciitis

That is the only commonest foot damage claimed by runners. Plantar fasciitis is at its root, an overuse damage. This damage is indicative by the ache ranging anyplace from the front of your arch all through your heel.  This follows the aircraft of the plantar fascia, which provides its identify to the damage.

Will probably be most painful whenever you wake up within the morning whereas your muscle tissue are chilly and tight, however should ease off throughout the day as you move round and your muscle tissues stretch out. At first, plantar fasciitis might only be a light annoyance, but in case you ignore this ache for too lengthy, it can possible worsen.

If your foot begins to hassle you as you begin operating more that does not mean you need to cease and that your physique is now unable to adapt. You doubtless solely need to work on a couple of things to assist ease off your newfound ache.

Since, plantar fasciitis is a ache in a tendon in your foot operating out of your toes via your heel, to assist keep away from this damage and treat it when you have it, work on growing your mobility in your foot and lower leg, and work on constructing power in the same areas. It will assist your physique take in the varied shocks that undergo the plantar fascia as you run and scale back the stress put on it.

This may be brought on by quite a lot of issues. The primary of which is improper footwear, nevertheless it can be brought on by weak muscular tissues, particularly in the lower leg, a scarcity of mobility, or adding an excessive amount of coaching (especially velocity work or hill repeats, which maintain you up on your toes extra and subsequently add extra stress into your plantar fascia), before your body learns to adapt.

Typically, with a view to deal with plantar fasciitis, you will have to take a while off to allow your body to heal. But, if the pain just isn’t too intense and you have not had it for lengthy, you possibly can probably work by means of it by working in your lower leg and foot mobility, growing your power in those regions, and by doing other restoration activities comparable to icing or rolling.

Stress Fractures

Arguably the worst damage on this listing, stress fractures can hold you out of operating for a big size of time.

A stress fracture is strictly what it feels like, a fracture, often small, in a bone brought on by stress.  These are brought on by repeated shocks to the bones in your foot. Each time you’re taking a step, whether strolling or operating, quite a lot of forces are working their approach by means of your foot.

Most of those forces are absorbed into muscular tissues and tendons, but some work their method into your bones and do injury. If that injury is bigger than the quantity your body can recuperate from, and this injury is repeated on a steady foundation, it might result in stress fractures.

Stress fractures are brought on by doing too much in your foot before the body is ready to adapt.  This can be brought on by quite a lot of reasons. The first of which is improper footwear (seeing a theme right here?). Growing your coaching too shortly earlier than your body is able to adapt may also cause stress fractures. Growing lower leg power and mobility, along with working on proper type, will all assist scale back the danger of a stress fracture damage.

In contrast to plantar fasciitis, a stress fracture can’t be worked by means of. You will have to see a physician for an x-ray or bone scan and when you’ve got a stress fracture, you’re doubtless taking a look at a number of weeks, typically months, of cross-training.


Just like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis is a gentle tissue damage.  The foot has many tendons, doing quite a lot of jobs to assist permit your foot to move throughout its numerous motions. If an excessive amount of stress is placed on any of those tendons, nevertheless, they could develop into sore, leading to tendonitis.

It will typically really feel similar to the pain of a stress fracture, but might be differentiated by how the pain is induced.  As an alternative of pain on influence, which you’d have from a stress fracture, tendonitis will probably be infected by applying strain in your foot as you progress it via its vary of motion.

This can be brought on by improper footwear (Again, we know!), which, in the event that they don’t present the correct quantity of help, might drive the tendons in your foot to work additional arduous to hold your physique via its operating type.  Tendonitis can be brought on by lower leg weak spot and inflexibility (heard that earlier than?), particularly within the calves and Achilles.

Like plantar fasciitis although, you not often have to take off an extreme period of time with tendonitis. You might need to take off a number of days to allow your body the additional time to recuperate, however you gained’t efficiently remedy the issue until you improve your power and improve your mobility in your decrease leg.

Heel Spurs

We at the moment are venturing into territory that can be rather less widespread for most runners. Heel spurs, nevertheless, are still not unprecedented, however they will not be as ubiquitous all through the operating group as plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and tendonitis.

Heel spurs might really feel similar to plantar fasciitis, but the ache is definitely brought on by an extension of the heel spur, pressing into your heel and increasing the tendons that run over it, corresponding to the same tendon (the plantar fascia) that causes plantar fasciitis. Subsequently your ache isn’t coming from the bone itself, however as an alternative from the tendons around it which were misplaced because of the additional calcium deposit.

Heel spurs are brought on by those calcium deposits, which may accumulate on the heel bone. They are typically brought on by many smaller delicate tissue accidents in the foot, some which you will not even notice, which may lead, over an extended time period reminiscent of a half a yr, to a deposit of calcium that makes these little gentle tissue injuries worse.

This is another damage that could be very troublesome to treat yourself. Whereas there’s quite a bit you are able to do to ease the ache, similar to icing, sporting heel pads, or utilizing arch supports, in the event you assume you will have heel spurs it is highly suggested you see a foot physician. They could advocate that you simply bear a process to surgically remove the spur or might advocate specialized orthotics to repair the load distribution drawback in your foot that is causing the heel spurs.

What Can I Do to Keep away from Getting Injured?

Footwear. Once more.

To reiterate, you want correct footwear. We put this in the first section because it’s best and the fastest answer to most of those injuries if in case you have improper footwear, but when having the proper footwear isn’t your drawback, listed here are some other issues you are able to do to avoid widespread foot accidents.

Improve Lower Leg and Foot Mobility

Most orthopedists and sports activities drugs trainers will inform you that if an area is bothering you, it’s essential not solely stretch that area, however stretch all of the areas around it as properly. Meaning, in case you are having issues together with your foot, you want to work on the pliability in your toes, foot, ankle, and calf. It might not harm to work in your flexibility further up the chain both.

However especially with the four areas talked about, it’s effective to go through quite a lot of stretches on all of these areas multiple occasions a day. Personally, I love to do a light-weight rolling session once I get up, then I’ll get in a comprehensive stretching session after my run, and if I am actually on prime of it, I will stretch once more before I’m going to bed.

I have found this to be extremely efficient in getting rid of each foot injuries and other accidents as long as you persist with the instructions of whatever stretch you’re doing.

Improve Decrease Leg and Foot Power

This doesn’t imply tons of of calf raises. Whereas that is a wonderful train to increase your calf muscle, there are various little workouts to enhance the muscular tissues under your knee.

What I find most useful is to seek out somewhat routine that covers as most of the muscle tissue as you’ll be able to, I exploit one prescribed by an older athletic coach, and do this routine persistently. Even if your ache goes away, hold engaged on the strengthening as you don’t want your foot pain to return again anytime soon.

There are a shocking amount of muscular tissues in there, but by strengthening each one, you’ll scale back your probability of struggling foot accidents and you’ll probably shave a couple of seconds off that 5k PR in the process.

Practice Sensible

Especially with overuse accidents, one of many best solutions to avoiding them is to be sensible about your coaching.  In the event you’ve been operating 30 miles every week for the last 40 years of your life, don’t exit and run 80 miles every week for the subsequent three weeks. When you’ve never accomplished a run longer than 7 miles, assume twice before deciding to go race that 100 miler.

The body takes time to adapt. Regardless of how robust you assume you’re, the body wants time to understand it is being exposed to a brand new stimulus and build up the required precautions to deal with it.

This isn’t the place for a coaching plan, but it’s extremely helpful to have a coach or different skilled eye taking a look at your training to be sure that no matter improvements you are attempting to make are being achieved by way of steady, deliberate progress that permits your physique to adapt as the coaching plan gets more durable.

In the meantime proceed to comply with good stretching and strengthening habits throughout any coaching plan.

See a Physician

Accidents are highly individualized. Even when you and I are suffering from the exact same damage, have skilled it for a similar length of time, and are very comparable athletes, we may be experiencing it for utterly totally different reasons.

For example, if we both have plantar fasciitis, it might be extra useful to me to enhance my lower leg power where you could solely want to buy new orthotics to assist change the best way your foot is absorbing the forces of impression from operating.

The point is, this can be a very individualized sport and also you’ll need someone that understands all these individualities to make an knowledgeable determination about any damage.

This is the reason we highly advocate that you simply see an orthopedist, sports drugs trainer, or another professional if the ache in your foot is sufficient to concern you (which, in case you are reading this article, it probably does). Solely someone with the right medical background will have the ability to offer you correct recommendation on the right way to cope with your damage.

By doing this, you can save yourself from vital quantities of pain and massive day without work. Catching an damage early, and having it looked at by specialists (along with doing what these specialists inform you to do) could make a serious difference in your training by getting you again on monitor and where you need to be. It is extremely rare that the trip shouldn’t be value it.

Closing Thoughts

The #1 Greatest Insoles for Foot Ache

If in case you have plantar fasciitis, excessive arches, flat ft, or other foot help points, however would fairly not buy a new pair of footwear – add the Tread Labs Stride Insole to your present footwear. The Stride Insole is biomechanically designed to help your arch and remedy/forestall plantar fasciitis. Merely remove the manufacturing unit insole from your favourite footwear and substitute it with the Stride. The Stride is available in four totally different arch heights for each foot measurement, presents a lifetime assured arch help and has a removable prime cover. Take the Tread Labs Fit Quiz now and get THE BEST potential help on your ft.

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With almost any foot damage, first make it possible for the footwear you could have been operating with are usually not worn out, haven’t been used for properly over 500 miles, are made for the type of operating you are trying to do in them, and have the correct parts to account on your type and foot strike. That’s all the time the first step.

After that, it never hurts to enhance the mobility and power in your foot and decrease leg. In addition to serving to you to scale back damage, it might show you how to to turn out to be a quicker runner as nicely.  Little issues achieved appropriately each day could make an enormous difference over an extended time period.

If none of those solutions seem to be serving to you, you could need to take some time off and see a physician to get a greater concept of what’s bothering you and the way you must go about treating it.

Also, regardless of what number of articles you read, until you went to medical faculty, nothing can substitute a educated doctor or comparable professional on the topic that understands your state of affairs individually and may advocate to you what they consider the most effective plan can be based mostly on your individual damage and circumstances.

Glad operating and we hope that your foot will get better quickly!